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What do We do?

We owe to humanity, and so do humans

Healthy Food
Healthy Food

Food is a basic necessity of life, yet millions of people suffer from starvation worldwide. According to the World Health Organization, hunger is a leading cause of death, with app


"Education is an important element to struggle for human rights and fulfill basic needs required to further education for a brighter future."

Tree Plantation
Tree Plantation

Did you know that air pollution is responsible for millions of premature deaths every year? Trees are the solution. They filter out harmful pollutants, provide oxygen, and support


Whether it's a simple cold, cough, or complex disease like COVID-19, lack of medication and appropriate medical treatment can prove fatal. Since immemorial, some have fallen ill an

Bringing smiles and spreading hopes


Priya Shekhawat

I have been drawn to social service since childhood. I did select to further my education in it, and alongside had the cult to start working towards it at an early age. Here's where I joined the MeghU

Rita Raj

Residing abroad but have our roots attached to India. Previously, we frequently used to help with food and other accessories and even shared donations. But it became challenging when we decided to shi

Vishal Nigam

I feel that sharing funds for charity is a social responsibility. Similarly, that's what I have believed since childhood. However, the loveliest gesture was that they always thanked me for this Tharit